‘Tomb Raider’, ‘Skull Island’ Anime Series Coming To Netflix

It’s been a great week for fans of Kong and Croft. While you’re trying to picture the image of that law firm, get ready for more of both. Netflix and Legendary are partnering for anime series based on Skull Island and Tomb Raider.

Starting with Skull Island, Powerhouse Animation will bring the series to life, so automatically I am excited. Brian Duffield (Underwater, The Babysitter) will write and executive produce along with Jacob Robinson of Tractor Pants. The early logline seems to hint that we should expect more monsters: “A new chapter in Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise, Skull Island is a thrilling animated adventure series that follows shipwrecked characters desperate to escape the most dangerous place on Earth—a mysterious island home to prehistoric monsters, including the greatest titan of them all, Kong.”

As for Tomb Raider, this will follow the Square Enix video game franchise, not the feature films. Executive producers include Tasha Huo (The Witcher: Blood Origin, Red Sonja), who will also write the series; dj2 Entertainment Founder and CEO Dmitri M. Johnson (Sonic the Hedgehog), Stephan Bugaj and Howard Bliss, as well as Jacob Robinson. The longline hints at a continuation of the game’s story: “Picking up after the events of the highly successful Tomb Raider video-game reboot trilogy, the animated series will chart the globetrotting heroine’s latest, greatest adventure. Twenty-five years after her first game appeared, Lara continues to explore new territory.”

Netflix is currently in production on Pacific Rim: The Black with Legendary Television. Obviously, it is way to soon to have release dates for these new series. Personally, I hope this sets up multiple seasons of both. Keep checking back for updates.

Photo Credit: Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics