The Timeless Revival News Feels VERY Familiar (And That’s A Good Thing)

(Photo by: Patrick Wymore/NBC)

"You guys want to get Rufus back, or what?"  Yes, yes we do!  In case you haven't heard the news, Clockblockers have saved Timeless for a second time.  The show will return for a two part series finale that will air during the holidays.  While this is certainly something, and MAY tie up enough loose ends to make Timless fans happy, doesn't something seem very familiar about this?  I think, as fans, we all want more and that may be just what we get.  Follow me on this...

Remember the campaign to save Lucifer from cancellation?  Fans bombarded social media, got things trending and suddenly Fox decided to revive the show for two un-aired episodes to at least give the fans something.  Those episodes aired, the trends were off the charts and the ratings were decent as well.  Just when it seemed like that would be the end of it, news came out not long after that Netflix would be saving the show on a permanent basis.

I know what you're thinking, there's a HUGE different in these two stories.  You're right, the Lucifer fans didn't have a helicopter at SDCC this year:

Look, I'm not saying the two situations are exactly the same.  I'm not even saying that Netflix will be the one to save the day again.  What I am saying is...why do this at all if you're NBC?  It was the same argument that I had with Lucifer and Fox.  Sure, the network will get some good short term publicity for something like this, but that is really all they are getting.  There is clearly no intention to continue Timeless on the network, no matter how successful this movie may be.  What this truly ended up being was great victory for Sony.  Sure they were able to negotiate a chance to give the fans some closure, but it is really much more than that.  This is one final audition for other networks that Sony was able to secure because NBC likely has a hole in their holiday programming schedule that needed filling.  They still get to look like good guys, while Sony gets one more chance to show other networks that Clockblockers are crazy loyal  and this show is worth continuing. don't think we'll actually be 100% satisfied no matter how this movie ends, do you?

The reason Timeless fans have been trying to save this show so much is not because we wanted closure.  What we want is more.  More of these characters.  More of these stories.  More of this team.  More frustration over how Rittenhouse manages to grab the upper hand just when it looks like they may be finished.  One movie won't be enough, even if Rufus does come back or if Lucy is reunited with her sister.  Tying up loose ends doesn't mean there is no room for new stories.  The very foundation of this show is built on endless story possibilities scattered throughout history.  I'm also more than certain that the writer's room, along with Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke, had plenty of ideas for where to take the story for another season and beyond.

So yes, this IS what we want, but not for the obvious reason of getting closure.  This is the same chance that Lucifer was given, and it paid off for them big time.  The similarities have to give us hope that a new home could be on the horizon.  Remember how Season 2 started?  The time team had their base of operations destroyed and they had to re-locate into that bunker.  This team is already used to having to find a new home, and I'm sure it will be much nicer than a dark bunker.  I was chatting with Lissete Lanuza Sáenz from Fangirlish, who has been on the front lines of the #SaveTimeless campaign, while I was at SDCC.  She was talking about new homes for the show that I had never even considered.  I won't reveals those here, because I'm no scoop stealer, but trust me when I say that there are more places for this show than you might think, Timeless fans.  So, for now, let's celebrate the fact that we are certainly of more Timeless coming just in time for Christmas and hope that leads to an even bigger gift heading into 2019.

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