‘The Imperfects’ Brings A Familiar Vibe To Geeked Week

Do you ever just randomly miss a show that's been canceled?  Every now and then, I find myself missing The Order from Netflix.  It wasn't perfect, but it had a fun cast and a good story.  I found myself getting the same vibe during Geeked Week this year, and it turn out, for a good reason.

Netflix has released the first teaser for their upcoming sci-fi series, The Imperfects.  It turns out that the series comes from showrunner Dennis Heaton.  He was also one of the creative minds responsible for The Order, as well as Fargo and Van Helsing.  Take a look, and see if you still get the same vibe that I did.

I think that the synopsis for the series really seals the deal: "Three twenty somethings were turned into monsters by evil scientists against their will. Now they’re on the hunt for the mad-man responsible in hopes of reversing the side-effects… but also they’re being chased by a government agency, dealing with college applications, teenage romance, random monster mutations, and all of sorts of coming of age related dramas. Oh, and the government agency has tanks.

Welcome to this full-throttle, action-adventure, monster sci-fi Netflix original series.

Welcome to a Coming of Rage story.

Welcome to The Imperfects."

It's definitely a different story from The Order, but the spirit is still there.  It also checks the box of having a fun cast, which includes Italia Ricci, Iñaki Godoy, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Rhianna Jagpal, and Rhys Nicholson.  More names are likely to be added to that list soon.

Like many of the Geeked Week series, there is no release date yet for The Imperfects.  You can, however, set your reminder to watch the series here.  As always, check back for updates.

Credit: Netflix