‘The Harbinger’ Coming From Valiant In 2021

I’ll admit, I am totally biased when I write certain stories. Especially when I read comics, as with any fan, you start to realize who your favorite writer(s)/artist(s)/etc. are. So excuse me if I got more than a little excited about today’s news from Valiant.

New first broke from THR that the writing tandem of Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly would be writing The Harbinger. The first issue is scheduled for release in Summer of 2021, with art from Robbi Rodriguez. While this will be a new direction for the story, it will still follow Peter Stanchek. Valiant fans are already well aware of how powerful he is.

The only quick synopsis we got was, “the upcoming series introduces new readers to Peter Stanchek, the most powerful telepath on the planet, and the sole being capable of activating powers in others like him. THE HARBINGER will trace Peter’s path from the most feared man in the world to one of its greatest protectors. This character-driven journey will introduce new allies, new villains, new costumes, and a new meaning for the title of Harbinger.”

Kelly adds a bit more insight saying, “Like many of us, Peter has made mistakes. People have been hurt. We have no interest in ignoring that part of the character’s history. By acknowledging those mistakes and taking responsibility for them, Peter will become the person – and the hero – he has always had the potential to be. Peter Stanchek will be more than a hero; he will be a harbinger for the world we want to see.”

Lanzing added, “THE HARBINGER is the next big step forward in the Valiant Universe and Peter Stanchek’s promised rebirth as a hero, a leader, and a revolutionary. It’s unapologetic in its politics, diverse in its cast, and intimate in its drama. Collin and I love to tell stories that balance character deconstruction and social analysis, and there’s no one in comics who needs a little deconstruction and social awareness more than Peter.”

Just a reminder, there is a Harbinger movie in development at Paramount. This would be a great way to kick off the hype. Lanzing and Kelly have written a ton of great stories like Joyride, Green Arrow, some Star Trek stories for IDW and even a Batman tale or two. If memory serves me, this is their first foray into the Valiant Universe. I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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Photo Credit: Valiant/Robbi Rodriguez