‘The Flash’ Season 8: New Suit & ‘Armageddon’ Trailer

Real talk...it's been tough keeping up with all of the incredible DC news from this past week.  It's not just DC FanDome, the news just keeps on coming at a rapid pace.  None faster than The Flash, not just the movie or the TV series, but the character itself.  Even Batman can't claim to have this much exciting news, and for DC, that's saying something.  We already shared news about The Flash movie, now it's time to talk about TV.

Warner Bros. Television delivered the news at DC FanDome that Barry Allen would be getting a new suit in Season 8.  You can see it pictured above, and we're finally getting the gold boots.  I love how, even after eight seasons, The Flash is still delivering subtle changes to get the fandom excited.  You didn't really think that they would stop at boots though, did you?

Just a couple of days later, The CW dropped the first trailer for the Armageddon crossover event.  You can see that here:

You'll see a lot of familiar faces in the trailer, most of whom we spotlighted when the crossover was announced months ago.  One thing that we do get in this trailer is a first look at Despero.  The extraterrestrial villain is giving Barry seven days to get his affairs in order before he ends everything that he ever loved.  The question is why, and I do love that the trailer did not reveal that.  I also love that the formation of the Justice League in the Arrowverse wasn't just pushed to the side because of some shifts in the foundation of the DC TV landscape.  You can clearly see in this trailer that is where Barry gathered up the heroes to help him in his time of need.  It feels good to see them all come together, even if it is for one crossover event.

The Flash: Armageddon begins on November 16th when The Flash kicks off it's eighth season on The CW.  First look photos have yet to be released, but keep checking our socials to see them when they are.  You'll also want to keep an ear out on future episodes of the podcast and here on the website for more updates.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television