‘The Boys’ Season 2 Premiere Date & First Clip Revealed

It’s been almost a year since The Boys took Amazon Prime Video by storm. It seemed like a good time for a reunion, so some of the cast got together today to talk about Season 2. We also got to meet a new member of The Seven. She was part of the first clip from the series that was released. Check out Stormfront:

It looks like Homelander isn’t too happy, which will make things all that more interesting. Honestly, she seems to fit right in. The fact that she doesn’t hide who she is, even for the cameras, should be very interesting. Could it change any other members of The Seven?

I know, you want to know when you’ll be able to see more. We will have to wait a little bit longer. Season 2 of The Boys will premiere on September 4th. There’s another catch, we’ll only get the first three episodes that day. Yep, we’ll have to wait for the rest. This seems like a growing trend in the streaming world. Just think of it as five extra weeks of goodness.

Did you miss the reunion? We’ve got you covered:

Keep checking back for more images and more info on Season 2.

Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video