‘The Animaniacs’ Return With A Great New Spoof Trailer

We know by now that life, finds away. Then again, that phrase is more closely associated with something else that has been long extinct. The Animaniacs have been dormant for the last couple of decades, and that is all about to come to an end. What better way to do that than with a trailer that spoofs the scene from a movie that everyone will recognize?

That teaser was shown at NYCC this past weekend, and fans have been going nuts ever since. Of course, you can't bring back The Animaniacs without Pinky and The Brain too. Production actually started on this revival in 2018, and we will finally see it on November 20th. Hulu will be the home of the first and second seasons, despite the series coming from Warner Bros. Animation.

Steven Spielberg will be one of the executive producers on the series, via Amblin Entertainment. Sam Register will join in from Warner Bros. Animation and Wellesley Wild from Blue Ribbon Content. This first run will consist of 13 episodes. Keep checking back for our review.

Photo Credit: Hulu/Warner Bros. Animation