‘Teen Titans GO!’ & ‘DC Super Hero Girls’ Are Crossing Over In May (TRAILER)

We have seen the Titans cross over with each other, but other long awaited crossover is about to happen this Memorial Day weekend. For the first time, Teen Titans GO! will meet DC Super Hero Girl in a four part crossover event.  Everything starts with a one hour event on May 31st at 6pm on Cartoon Network.  Let's get our first look at Space House in this new trailer.

You didn't think that these groups of heroes could have a normal vacation, did you?  I will have to try to make one of those Burgerritos, though.  While I do that, here's a look at the synopsis for this event.  The four part episode, "follows the teen superheroes as they accept a mysterious invitation to enjoy a vacation getaway among the stars. The Space House is equipped with enough state-of-the-art technology that even Batgirl takes notice, complete with a massive TV fit for binging every episode of Muffin Wars – a superhero favorite – plus a 3-D printer snack machine that can supply Cyborg and Beast Boy with enough burgers, burritos and burgerritos to last an infinity. But where is the Space House headed and who invited them on this vacation in the first place? Robin, Wonder Woman, Raven, Supergirl and the rest of the crime-fighting heroes from Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls join forces to solve this ultimate intergalactic mystery."

Don't worry, the Titans will have plenty of episodes to keep you entertained throughout the month of May. DC Super Hero Girls will actually be returning with new episodes on June 6th.  Both animation styles actually mesh really well together too, once you see the trailer.  All of the fun can be seen on Cartoon Network.  We will have a review to share with you soon.

Photo Credit: Warner Bro. Animation/Cartoon Network