‘Sweet Tooth: The Return’ Coming to DC Black Label In November

If you follow Jeff Lemire on social media, it seemed like he was teasing something regarding Sweet Tooth. Sure it would have been easy to dismiss it as renewed excitement after the announcement of the announced TV series, but it felt like more than that. It turns out that those suspicions were valid, because the fan favorite series is coming back in November.

DC Black Label will be the new home for Sweet Tooth: The Return. Also returning to the book will be the original creative team of Lemire and colorist José Villarubia. While the title seems to suggest a return, this doesn't appear to be a sequel or a continuation of any kind. That might look like Gus on the cover, but it's not going to be. This story takes place years later, and will feature another boy with deer-like features. So this will be a new story, with some familiar beats.

The synopsis does shed a bit of light on what to expect: "A divided world. A planet long ago past the point of devastation. And at the center of it all, a child who didn’t ask to be born into any of this, but who has no choice but to try and forge some life for himself. His visions and dreams may not be real at all…they may just be fiction. But they are hope. And sometimes hope is enough."

Before you get too excited, remember this is just a six issue miniseries. Still, amazing things can happen when a book is popular enough. I have no doubt that classic Sweet Tooth fans will be eager to pick this story up and find out what will be different about it. There's also the added bonus of a Jim Lee card stock variant, should you be lucky enough to get your hands on one of those. Remember, the original Sweet Tooth was published by Vertigo, so it's no surprise that this book will now be published under the DC Black Label banner.

Sweet Tooth: The Return will be available at local comic book shops and digital retailers on November 3rd. Keep checking back for our review and more coverage.

Photo Credit: DC Comics