‘SurrealEstate’ Looking For A New Home After SYFY Cancellation

Poor Tim Rozon is finding himself fighting for yet another series.  The former Wynonna Earp star is once again in cancellation limbo with his new show, SurrealEstate.  The network decided to foreclose on the supernatural real estate drama after just one season.  Series creator George Olson confirmed the news on social media, but also said that there could still be hope.

The show actually had a very unique angle, and a solid first season.  You can actually learn more about SurrealEstate from our interviews with the cast on a previous podcast.  Rozon and co-star Sarah Levy had such a great platonic relationship on the series, and there were so many fun moments.  Plus, who doesn't need a real estate agency that specializes in selling haunted houses?  Not only that, but we can't have the show end on a cliffhanger like that.  I refuse to let Luke Roman not find his mother.

As you can imagine, #SaveSurrealEstate is already trending on social media.  For Rozon, this is the third series in as many years that has fallen at the hands of SYFY.  Vagrant Queen was ousted after one season, and Wynonna Earp also came to an abrupt end after several successful campaigns to save that series.  Given it's refreshingly original story, I would like to think that some network or streamer would at least give SurrealEstate a look for one more season to see how it does.  More on this as it develops.

Photo Credit:  Derm Carberry/Blue Ice Pictures/SYFY