‘Supergirl’ Returning During ‘Superman & Lois’ Hiatus

The final season of Supergirl finally has a premiere date, and it’s earlier than expected. The CW has announced that the superhero series will begin it’s final bow on March 30th at 9pm. That means it will take the spot of Superman & Lois when that series goes on hiatus.

The hiatus is due to a previous shutdown of production due to COVID-19. So we won’t see the Kent family return to the farm until May 18th. Given the show’s fast start, I’m sure that this was a very difficult decision. Momentum is definitely important for a new series, but I think that this family has already proven that they can get through anything.

Supergirl will go on hiatus at that point. The series will then return in the summer for it’s final episodes. If I were to take a guess, I would say that DC’s Stargirl will likely be airing around the same time. Could they run back to back on Tuesday as well? It would almost be like passing the torch, in a way. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has already announced a Spring return.

Production pauses had to be expected from time to time. You have to give credit to The CW and Warner Bros. Television for having a plan to deal with it. All this means is that we get to enjoy the Arrowverse a bit longer than we normally would. There’s no word on if this will affect any crossover plans for this season.

If anything changes with the schedule, I will pass it along. The news was first reported by TVLine.

Photo Credit: The CW/Warner Bros. Television