‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Teases A New Location & Release Window

Over the last three seasons, there have been plenty of iconic locations in Stranger Things.  Hawkins Lab, the Upside Down and several others.  At the TUDUM virtual event from Netflix, a new and very creepy addition was teased to possibly add to that list.  Let's take a look at the Creel House.

Clearly we know very little about the Creel House, other than that it seems like things didn't exactly end well for the last family there.  The question is, how do Dustin, Steve and company end up there?  What are they looking for?  I can't imagine Netflix would use this location as the big tease  during their global, virtual event if it wasn't a big deal.  I could also see some of the show's new castmembers being tied into this location, as well.

The bad news is, it looks like we will wait almost another year for answers.  Season 4 of Stranger Things. I realize that seeing 2022 pop up doesn't exactly excite you.  Look at it this way, you've got chance to re-watch, because I think we're going to need it.  You can do that at www.netflix.com/StrangerThings  Stranger Things returns to Netflix sometime in 2022.  We'll keep you updated on the release when a specific date is announced and when things get closer.

Credit: Netflix