‘Stargirl’ Will Air On The CW After All; Will Appear In ‘Crisis’?

Not too long ago, there was chatter about Stargirl being moved from DC Universe to The CW. Let’s just say that ended up being half right. Business Insider reports that the show will first air on the streaming service, then air reruns on The CW the next day. That wasn’t the only interesting part of the story.

The report goes on to say that Brec Bassinger’s character will also briefly appear in the upcoming Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event. That’s interesting because we did see another Stargirl on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow just a couple of seasons ago. Here’s hoping things turn out better for this version. Using Crisis to introduce this new Stargirl character does make a lot of sense, so I’ll take it.

Stargirl now joins Doom Patrol (which will air Season 2 episodes on HBO Max) in airing episodes outside of DC Universe. This gives me a lot of hope for Stargirl, because conventional wisdom says, if Warner Bros. thought it was a bad show, they would want less eyes on it, not more. Airing on The CW is also a good heads up, to those who aren’t already subscribed, what kind of shows they can be watching on DC Universe. Seems like a win-win.

On a side note, Melissa Carter (Queen Sugar) will join Geoff Johns as co-showrunner for the series, according to Newsarama. Expect Stargirl some time in 2020, likely in Spring.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. TV/DC Universe