Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Reservations Opening Soon

If you're a Star Wars fan, at some point in your life you have dreamed about standing right in the middle of some of the most iconic moments in the history of the franchise.  Being immersed in a world that you thought would only be possible in your dreams.  Those dreams will be coming true soon when Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens at Disneyland Park in California on May 31st.  You're probably thinking that the Rebel Alliance had better odds against the Empire than you do at actually making it inside on opening day.  Well remember, they ended up winning in the end.  So when are reservations opening up?  Disney has cleared that up with the following tweet:


So that gives you the day, but not much else.  Multiple reports are surfacing that things will start at 8am when all of the details will be posted, with the reservations themselves starting at 10am.  It appears that emails have already started going out to those who have stayed at official Disneyland hotels, which reports say are booked solid for that first weekend.  You still have to buy a ticket to the Disneyland Park, but there will be no cost for your Galaxy's Edge reservation.  Now, there is a little bit of a catch.

During the first month that Galaxy's Edge will be open (May 31 to June 23) you will only be able to explore Black Spire Outpost for 4 hours.  Apparently this will be a strict time limit, and you will be asked to leave at that point.  Clearly Disney knows that they have to do something to combat the overwhelming crowds that are sure to rush to arguably the biggest attraction that they have ever had at one of their parks.  Just don't leave before your reservation time is up, or you will not be allowed to return.

There are a couple of ways to look at this.  You could say that this is not nearly enough time to explore everything and you would have to rush through it.  You could also say that just standing in one line could take half of that time, if not more.  Plus you know you want to load up on some cool merch and grab yourself a bite to eat.  How can you possibly do all of that in a four hour window?

Another way to look at it is, this is your best chance to keep the crowds at a minimum.  Think about how much longer the lines would be, how much your favorite merch item might be sold out, etc. if Disney doesn't do this.  Keeping the crowds lower might actually give you a better chance to see everything than it would if they just threw the doors open and let the masses rush in.  Granted, I'm sure not everyone will leave exactly when they're supposed to, but even if half of those folks do it still gives you a better opportunity.

You also have to look at this from a business standpoint.  Disney wants you to come back again.  Even if you're traveling from out of town, they want you to need a reason to come back and make another trip.  So if you don't see everything you want to see at Galaxy's Edge the first time, you'll be itching to come back for more.

The other option is, you wait until after the first month.  At that point, Disney will use a virtual queue for entry into Galaxy's Edge.  There is no word on if there will be a specific time limit or not at that point, but you can't just assume that there won't be.  No matter what decision you make, it's a gamble.  Best thing you can do is take a shot, have a plan and then have a blast with whatever time that you are given.

Be sure to create a Disney account, if you haven't already, so you can make your reservation.  If you want more information, visit the official Star War's Galaxy's Edge site here.

(Photo Credit: Disney)

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