‘Star Trek: Picard’ Already Renewed For A Second Season on CBS All Access

There is clearly a growing trend in the TV world.  More and more often, we are seeing series renewed for another season before the previous season even premieres.  There have also been instances where shows have been renewed for multiple seasons at a time.  Whether you are happy about this or not is a debate for another time, because it has happened again.  Deadline reports that Star Trek: Picard has been renewed for a second season.

Season 1 of the highly anticipated Star Trek series is set to debut on CBS All Access on January 23, 2020.  Reports also seem to suggest that the second season could also premiere in 2020.  If that's the case, one would think it would have to be towards the end of the year.  Both seasons will boast 10 episodes.

Planning ahead like this is great, aside from one interesting detail.  Season 1 showrunner Michael Chabon already has commitments to another series after the first season of Star Trek: Picard.  So there will be another showrunner for Season 2, or at the very least, a co-showrunner.  Alex Kurtzman is still the architect of all of these Trek series, but only time will tell as to whether or not the showrunner issue will be a problem.  CBS has declined to comment, but the Season 2 renewal is hardly a surprise given the buzz that the show has created.

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Photo Credit: CBS All Access