Square Enix Announces ‘Just Cause 4: Danger Rising’ DLC (Trailer, Synopsis)

Fresh off of the launch of their last DLC, ‘Los Demonios’, Square Enix has announced another expansion to Just Cause 4. ‘Just Cause 4: Danger Rising’ will be available for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on August 29, 2019. Here is the first trailer:

Here is the official synopsis:

Armed with a new prototype Hoverboard, Rico vows to take down the Agency after learning of their plans to eliminate him. Tom Sheldon joins Rico on his mission and the pair begin by investigating a large submarine, which has surfaced ominously off the coast of Solis. Could Rico be out of his depth against The Agency?

The odds are mounting and the hunter is about to become the hunted…

So what else will be a part of the DLC?  Here’s what Square Enix revealed in it’s press release:

  • 8 new missions, the game-changing Hoverboard, and multiple exciting new weapons & vehicles to the crazy JUST CAUSE 4 sandbox world. Blast enemies with the ultra-powerful Sequoia 370 Mag-Slug, bend the laws of gravity with the Stormalong Em Zero magnesis rifle, or deploy your very own remote controlled drone with the Yellowstone Auto Sniper Rifle.
  • The Agency is back, and brings the full force of their advanced tech and highly trained Agents to bear in their hunt for Rico and Sheldon. Agents grapple across the terrain, just like Rico, and attack from all angles, wielding hard-hitting weaponry unlike anything seen in JUST CAUSE 4 before.
  • Gives players an amazing package of awesome new tools of destruction you can employ in any mission, or in the open-world sandbox ofJUST CAUSE 4, for explosive new action packed moments of glorious mayhem.

‘Danger Rising’ is the third installment in the ‘Dare Devils, Demons and Danger’ expansion pass.
Photo Credit: Square Enix