Spider-Man Limited Series Coming From J.J. Abrams & His Son Henry

So it wasn't the Fantastic Four, or any other theory that fans had on Twitter.  Marvel made their mysterious Spider-Man announcement today, and it will be a family affair.  The New York Times first broke the story that famed director J.J. Abrams and his son Henry would be writing at Spider-Man limited comic book series that will be out in September.  Watch as they make the annoucement themselves:

As you can see, Sara Pichelli will be doing the art with Dave Steward also on board.  The cover that you see is provided by Olivier Coipel and Dave Stewart.  This will be a brand new Spidey story with a brand new villain named Cadaverous.  We don't know much about this villain other than a name and that he'll cause problems for Spider-Man.  You can certainly speculate given that cadaver is clearly in the name and that is not good.

This will be the first comic from the 20 year old Henry Abrams, and if you read the quick interview they did with the New York Times, is extremely grateful for the opportunity.  This is a rarity for the elder Abrams, who typically has a very packed movie and TV schedule, but I'm sure it's special for him to be working on something with his son.  I will have more on this, including the reaction from the comic book community, on this week's 270th episode of the Down And Nerdy Podcast.  Stay tuned, Spidey fans.

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