Spartan Gets A New Look For Arrow’s Final Season

It’s the final season of Arrow, so why not go all out? While it may not be the suit a lot of Diggle fans were hoping to see, David Ramsey is getting a bit of a new look. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim took to Twitter to make the reveal today:

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not a huge change. I know that a lot of fans are hoping to see Diggle suit up as a Green Lantern, based on teases from last season. When I talked to David Ramsey at Comic-Con this year, he said of the Green Lanter question, “we’ll address that.” So it sounds like, before it’s all said and done, we will have our answers to that question before it’s all over.

Does that explain Diggle’s absence in the future forward scenes from Arrow last season? Being a Green Lantern would be a pretty good excuse not to be around. It all begins when the final season of Arrow premieres on October 15th.

Here is the Comic-Con trailer, in case you missed it, which also includes the new Black Siren/Canary suit!