‘Snow Blind’ Being Adapted, But By Who?

Comic book properties are still a hot commodity.  It also helps if it is something a little different than the norm.  A bidding war is on for a story that we covered on the podcast, and here on the site, years ago.  Snow Blind, which was written by Ollie Masters with art from Tyler Jenkins, is being adapted.  We also know that Jake Gyllenhaal will star, with Gustav Möller directing and Patrick Ness writing the script.  What else do we know?

Well, there isn't much more information beyond that.  According to Deadline, who originally broke the news, there is also a bidding war from the project.  You have to think that this would involve both major motion picture studios and streaming services.  Remember, Ollie Masters saw one of his stories hit the big screen recently with The Kitchen.  It's hard to speculate at this point as to where this movie will land.  Script writer Patrick Ness is already working with Warner Bros. on Lord of the Flies.  Speaking of Warner, The Kitchen also came from WB.  Does that make then the leader, or can someone else swoop in?

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Photo Credit: Image Comics