Serial Box Is Now Realm, Releases ‘Orphan Black: The Next Chapter’

You’ve heard me talk about Serial Box a lot over the last year. Whether it was their slate of Marvel audio series or their originals, they always brought something unique to the table. Now they’re giving fans even more, under a new name.

Welcome to Realm, which will now add podcasts that you can listen to weekly. These enhanced audio experiences will combine originals with some properties that you will recognize. One of the show’s available during this initial launch is Orphan Black: The Next Chapter. This story is a continuation of the popular TV series. It is also narrated by the show’s star, Tatiana Maslany.

We actually got to release the trailer as part of Episode 361 of our podcast. Here’s a time stamped player for you to check it out. Just hit play:

The podcast is set eight years after the fall of Project LEDA. So everything is good now, right? Not so much, and that will be a big part of the show.

If you want to listen and/or subscribe to Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, go here. We will have much more on what’s coming to Realm and more of their slate of unique programming. Keep checking back for our continuing coverage.