SDCC 2021 Goes Virtual, New Event Planned For November

This is the inevitable news that I think we have all been dreading for weeks now. Comic-Con International has announced that SDCC will once again be virtual in 2021. There may, however, be some light at the end of the tunnel. I know that you likely have questions, so here is the announcement that they made on social media.

So let’s focus on the new revelation first. It looks like there is an event being planned in San Diego in November. It won’t be Comic-Con, since it’s pretty clear that is not happening until 2022. So what would this event look like? Comic-Con lite perhaps? Who would participate? How big can they really go?

Keep in mind, New York Comic Con is still scheduled for October. That might be the first large scale convention of it’s kind that has a chance of happening. That is the Fall event where a lot of big announcements are typically made. That’s also where big reveals tend to happen, along with some premieres. Do you think think anyone is going to hold any reveals for this November event? You never know, but it seems unlikely.

With any Comic-Con International event, also comes a certain level of expectations. I’m not saying that’s right, but that’s how many fans see it. Even WonderCon has turned into an event with bigger and bigger panels every year. Holding a smaller event might seem like a good financial stopgap, if this event doesn’t have a major draw, how beneficial can it be? Will there be more of a localized feel? My point is, you have to give people a reason to travel. You have to give them a reason to invest in hotel rooms, even if it is for less time than a typical SDCC. While Comic-Con International might be hurting financially, so are many fans. If they have to choose between this November event, NYCC, saving for 2022 or going to a con closer to them, what do you think that they will choose?

I understand why this idea came to pass. Honestly, there really is no right answer here. We have all been wondering what the future would hold for large scale conventions of any kind. All I know is, it’s March and we’re still trying to figure out how to safely open movie theaters. I want to hold out hope that, by November, we’ll have it all figured out and we can all be together again. I also have to consider that cons as we remember them might just be that, a memory.

For now, all we can really do is take a wait and see approach. I will be very curious to see how this November event will be received, and what kinds of panels could be a part of it. Feel free to share your opinions here and on our social media pages.