SDCC 2019: ‘The Mask’ Is Back At Dark Horse

Somebody stop me! Ok so I know the Jim Carrey movie wasn’t exactly comics accurate, but it was still a fun foray into the world of The Mask. It seems like we have been waiting forever for something new, and there have even been some reboot rumors recently. Now, Dark Horse has made our hopes a reality.

In a pre-SDCC announcement, The Mask: I Pledge Allegiance To The Mask! will begin a four issue series on October 16th. Christopher Cantwell (She Could Fly) will write the series, with art from Patric Reynolds (Joe Golem) and colors by Lee Loughridge. Here is the synopsis released by Dark Horse:

Years ago, a weird mask of unknown origin and limitless power was buried in the cement of an apartment building’s basement floor. Edge City and its residents have all but forgotten the mysterious green-faced killer known only as “Big Head.” But now, decades later, the bizarre Tex Avery–style killings are happening all over again and are on a collision course with a bizarre political campaign where a homicidal maniac wants to “Make America Green Again”!

Sounds smoooookin’! Ok I did it again, but it’s a guilty pleasure. How excited are you for the return of The Mask?

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