SDCC 2019: Inside The Harley Quinn Experience

This year at Comic-Con, I really wanted to do more to take you inside some of the experiences at the show.  So I decided to head to the WB/DC mega booth on the Comic-Con floor to check out the Harley Quinn Experience from DC Universe.  Being a Harley Quinn fan, and the fact that I'm really looking forward to this new animated series, I wanted to see what it was all about.



As you enter the experience, you're transported to a cell block.  Each cell as a sliding window that you can open and a phone where you can hear from each of the inmates.  What this really does is tell you what characters to expect on the show and what their personalities will be like.  The list was actually quite interesting: Kite Man, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, Bane and King Shark.  We even get a look at The Joker at one point, but now how you might think.  Each character had their own comedic twist, and there are a couple of things you will pick up on right away with a couple of them.  The humor definitely won't only be coming from Harley herself.  Going through this experience showed me just how funny this show really has a chance to be.  Not only that, but there were a few characters that I didn't expect to see, so that was a breath of fresh air as well.


The activation itself is pretty quick, and there are only a couple of rows of cells to choose from in a very small area.  Still it was almost like an interactive featurette for the show, which I thought was very cool.  It also made the line move very quickly, so you didn't have to wait long to be a part of the experience.  If you're at Comic-Con, be sure to stop by Booth #4545 for this and many other great DC experiences!