SDCC 2019: IDW Announces An Addams Family Comic

Snap your fingers, because we are about to get even more Addams Family fun this October! IDW has announced that one of America’s favorite families will come to the page in The Addams Family: The Bodies Issue one shot. The story will be written by Zoë Quinn (Goddess Mode) with art by Philip Murphy (Star Trek vs. Transformers).

Here’s the synopsis: Wednesday Addams discovers a mysterious tome – one that promises true empowerment to the young woman who wields it. Wednesday decides to complete the dark rituals hidden within this Eleventeen magazine… and achieve ultimate power!

“As a goth who fell in love with The Addams Family at a young age, it’s a dream come true to write for the iconic, loving family of oddballs,” says Quinn. “As a comics creator, I’ve really enjoyed being able to play with visual gags and write the most fun dialogue I’ve ever created, too.”

Quinn is a talented writer and a great choice to bring the Addams clan to life. I also like that the character designs are keeping consistent to the upcoming movie. The issue will be timed to release with the upcoming The Addams Family animated movie on October 11th. I need more of The Addams Family, so I’m definitely looking forward to this.

Photo Credit: IDW Publishing