SDCC 2019: Doom Patrol, Young Justice Both Renewed By DC Universe

The DC Universe panel wrapped up at Comic-Con with two big announcements. The first came from Diane Guerrero (Crazy Jane) who told the Indigo Ballroom crowd that Doom Patrol would be returning for a second season. Here’s the twist, Season 2 will air on both DC Universe AND HBO Max. That was interesting, but no other information was given. That could really be taken as a good sign or a bad sign for the future of DC Universe, you be the judge.

Brandon Vietti and Craig Weisman took the stage later to talk about Young Justice. Just before the screening of a new episode, they announced that there will be a Season 4. The crowd erupted in cheers, as did a few members of the cast and crew sitting just a few seats away from me. Both men also acknowledged how hard fans fought for the show and have been watching.

All in all, a very successful night for DC Universe. The first episode of the Harley Quinn animated series was also screened, but you’ll have to wait for Episode 275 of our podcast to get my thoughts on that. How excited are you for today’s news?