SDCC 2018 – JURASSIC PARK: THE CHAOS GENE Tabletop Game Coming From Mondo

Coming off of the tremendous success of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, it's easy to say that it's been a big 25th anniversary for Jurassic Park.  Now, just before San Diego Comic-Con 2018, MONDO Games has announced a new tabletop game based on the beloved franchise.  Jurassic Park: The Chaos Gene will be released this Fall, and will be for 2-4 players ages 14 and up.  It will also feature 4 factions: InGen, Park Guests, Raptors and Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Here is an initial look at the game pieces:

Jurassic World The Chaos Gene Factions

Here is also a description of each faction from the official press release.

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: Instinct Objectives
    Quick, methodical, and unstoppable best describe the T. rex faction. One thing she is not, though, is quiet. The T. rex’s unrelenting drive makes her highly focused on satisfying her natural instincts... at all costs.
    The T. rex can move twice as fast as the other factions and can affect the movement of the other players with her fearsome roar, all while completing her objectives.
  • Raptors: Seek and Destroy Objectives
    The Raptors are a cunning, resourceful, and flexible faction. Their stealth allows them to move quickly and quietly. Unique from all other park dinosaurs, their communication abilities enable them to work together in defending areas in their control, triangulate attacks on humans and park animals, and discover weaknesses in the park's defenses.
  • Park Visitors: Survival Objectives
    Park Visitors are both in awe of the park and terrified by its destructive nature. Visitors are able to extract the resources they find and use them to complete objective requirements or activate more powerful faction abilities. Highly skilled in their respective fields, each character brings a unique ability to the group as they make their way through the park and accomplish objectives.
  • Ingen: Park Management Objectives
    With systems crashing throughout the park, InGen is desperate to keep it functioning. Somewhat blind to the park’s status, their intimate knowledge of it makes them both helpful and dangerous to dinosaurs and humans alike. A successful InGen player must carefully manage resources and use their unique abilities to help shape the movements of other players.

The game will also allow you the choice to attack or avoid your opposition, which can give you experience points to help you customize your faction with certain items.  It appears that Mondo has "spared no expense" to make this game something that will be entertaining for long time Jurassic Park Fans.  Personally, I can't wait to try this game out!  The box art will be on display at the MONDO booth (#435) where fans will also be able to get one of four Jurassic Park patches.  To pre-order the game, or to get more information, visit the game's official site at

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