Savannah Welch Cast As Barbara Gordon In Season 3 Of ‘Titans’

Some of the big news that we learned at DC FanDome a few months ago is starting to come to pass.  You might remember the excitement over Barbara Gordon being announced as the Commissioner for Season 3 of Titans.  Now we know who will be playing the iconic character.  Variety reports that Savannah Welch has been cast in the role.

Welch was recently seen in the History Channel series Six, but has also been seen in Boyhood and Tree of Life.  One important factor in this casting is authenticity to the character.  Welch is an amputee, after an accident in 2016 that caused her to lose one of her legs.  She has since become an advocate for the disabled community.  In this season of Titans, Barbara Gordon will still be suffering from the effects of her injury at the hands of The Joker, causing her to be in a wheelchair.  So, while the injuries are not exact, Welch will certainly have a better understanding of what Barbara would be going through at that time in her life and how she would ultimately persevere.

This is not the first time that Titans has cast an actor in a role that is more true to the character.  You might remember when Chella Man was cast as Jericho for Season 2.  The actor, who is deaf, was cast to play the Joseph Wilson character who himself is left mute.  Again, not spot on, but certainly an actor who would be more familiar with what the character might be experiencing.

Season 3 of Titans is currently filming, and has officially made the move to HBO Max.  The first two seasons of the show are now available on the streaming service so you can catch up.  Once we have a first look photo of Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon, we'll be sure to share it.