‘Robin’ Ongoing Series Announced By DC With ‘The Flash’ Writer

It's no secret that Damian Wayne doesn't necessarily play nice with others.  He's not working with dear old dad, and he has parted ways with the Titans as well.  Now it's time for him to walk his own path, and DC Comics is giving him his own ongoing series to do just that.  One of the top writers in comics right now will be helping to tell that story.

Robin #1 will be written by Joshua Williamson (The Flash), with art from Gleb Melnikov (Wonder Woman, Batman/Superman Annual).  The story will actually begin in the pages of Batman #106 and Detective Comics #1034 in March.  The first issue of the solo series doesn't start until April 27, 2021.

The early synopsis is pretty short, but it certainly sets some pretty high stakes:  "After learning of the deadly League of Lazarus tournament, Damian Wayne has a new mission: to win the tournament and prove he is the greatest fighter in the DC Universe! But first he must find the secret island where the tournament is being held!"

"Being a big fan of Damian Wayne, I'm really excited about getting him back on a hero's journey." said Williamson. "Gleb is the perfect artist to tell this story as we show readers Damian's growth, in a new adventure that navigates his legacy, his connections to Batman, Talia Al Ghul and kicks off an important story in the DC Universe."

I think we know for sure that there will be a lot of action in this new series, but in the press release we received from DC, it looks like there will be some new characters involved as well.  Maybe Damian won't be on his own after all?  It looks like mama Talia will be a part of the story at some point, so the book will not be lacking familiar faces at all.

Being a fan of Joshua Williamson, I'm certainly excited for where he could take this story.  Damian has never really received a proper spotlight, and this might be exactly that.  Exploring a hero's journey and exploring his legacy feels long overdue, even for such a young character.  We'll all find out together this April.  Keep checking back and listening for our review.

Photo Credit: DC Comics