Review – X-O Manowar #2 (2017)

X-O Manowar #2 (2017) – 
Valiant Comics
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Thomás Giorello
Colors by Diego Rodriguez
Letters by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Lewis Larosa w/ Brian Reber
There are certain characters that need no introduction in the comic book world.  Not just because of longevity, but because of the quality of the stories and the demanding presence of the character themself. X-O Manowar definitely carries that  mantle in the Valiant universe.  Aric has recently started a new chapter with a new creative team, and the first issue was nothing short of brilliant.  Let’s see what the follow-up issue has to offer.
Starting a new life has never worked out well for Aric (or any other hero for that matter), in the past.  It looks like this time will be no different, as his new home of Gorin, where the Azure are headed for war with the Cadmiums.  Beyond that, there is a very interesting dynamic going on with Aric and Shanhara.  What you saw in the first issue was he (SPOILER ALERT FOR ISSUE 1) has given up the suit, but not entirely.  We get a bit of a deeper look at that to start this issue.  We also find out that Aric may have a problem beyond the Cadmiums themselves, and much closer.  Still the start of the mission forges ahead and we get plenty of action in this issue.  As we get to the last couple of pages, something happens that very much alters the course of the mission.  So we are left at quite a pivotal point, and with a nice, juicy cliffhanger.
Coming fresh off Stalinverse, and still part of a very successful Ninjak run, Matt Kindt is red hot right now.  It’s not a surprise at all that he has been able to carry that over to a character like Aric.  He gives us plenty of legacy, but at the same time, makes the story feel fresh and compelling.  Let’s also talk about the phenomenal art and coloring of this book.  Valiant continues to have consistently stunning art in, what seems like, every book they put out.  This is no exception, with stunning action sequences that almost seem like they’re being brought to life on screen.  We very well be seeing one of the best X-O Manowar stories ever told unfolding in front of our very eyes.  I think we should enjoy the ride.