REVIEW – The Rocketeer: The Great Race #1 (AUDIO)

The Rocketeer: The Great Race #1 - IDW Publishing

Stephen Mooney (W,A, Var CA), Len O'Grady (C), Shawn Lee (L, Design), Gabriel Rodriguez (CA)

Hear our review of this issue from the debut episode of our spinoff podcast, It's Comics, Man!


CELEBRATING THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE VERY FIRST APPEARANCE OF THE ROCKETEER! Ace stunt pilot Cliff Secord has returned from his New York Adventure to a West Coast steeped in paranoia over the looming war in Europe. Having finally had enough of his near-death scrapes as the high-flying Rocketeer, the only thing in Cliff's crosshairs is The Great Race: a prestigious, winner-take-all air race that runs from California to France! Maybe it's finally time to smarten up and fly straight . . . by taking his best girl Betty to Paris! But other parties want to win the race for their own nefarious ends, and Cliff will need to decide which prize is truly the most valuable of all. BONUS FEATURE: Each issue will contain an oral history—featuring Dave Stevens’s friends, family and fellow artists—all culled together by Kelvin Mao, longtime friend of Stevens’s and the director of the forthcoming documentary on the beloved artist!

Photo Credit: Boom! Studios