REVIEW – The Gifted Season 2 Episode 14 – “calaMity”


Reeva is paranoid, the Morlocks are under attack and not everyone survives the episode.  There have been a lot of tough moments this season on The Gifted, especially for certain characters.  After the bold move that Marcos made in last week's episode, there was bound to be some fallout this week.  Let's find out what's going on in this calaMity.

Let's start with the Inner Circle, where Reeva has locked everything down after one of the team goes missing.  Lorna is not only worried but frustrated about the whole situation.  She is completely cut off now and has no idea how Marcos is actually doing.  Obviously it worked out well, but now she has to wonder of the Triplets could expose her betrayal.  In true Lorna fashion, she goes right at Reeva but it turns out that wasn't the decision that led to the most consequences.  Remember when she used Sage's password to access the security system?  Well, Reeva thinks that Sage was responsible and kills her.  Lorna obviously takes this very hard.  Not only has she lost another friend, she cannot say anything or even deal with the fact that she was responsible for her death.  I'm not sure how this will all play out in the end, but it seems like Lorna is regretting her decision to join the Inner Circle more and more with each passing day.  Even if the Inner Circle is stopped, how will she deal with that decision?  You also have Andy who is still all in with Reeva, and does not seem upset about Sage's death at all.  I knew Andy was pretty far gone, but we could be reaching the point of no return very quickly with him.

Speaking of the point of no return, I'm finally there when it comes to Jace Turner.  I'm sure that you may have been there already, but I was still holding out hope that Jace could redeem himself.  Ryan convinces him to go into the tunnels and hunt down the Morlocks.  He recruits several Purifiers and heads down after them.  At first it doesn't go well, but Jace convinces them to stay the course and they hatch a plan.  After setting a trap for the Morlock assault team, the advantage goes to The Purifiers.  While all of this is going on, Blink is trying to evacuate all of the vulnerable mutants.  She contacted Marcos for help, but of course, John is there too.  They get to have a bit of a moment during one of the evacuations, and I had no idea how important that reconciliation moment would mean at the time.  We are now at the point in the battle where Erg is the only one left standing.  Blink tells him it's time to go, but there is one more mutant to bring to safety.  Blink manages to save everyone...except herself.  While she is standing right in front of John, she is shot down by Jace Turner himself.  This is another gut punch for John in a season full of them.  The only saving grace here is that he did get a chance to make things right with her before she dies.  After all that he has been through, this could easily break John, but I think it will actually end up giving him the motivation to finally end things.  I'm sure we will find out soon enough.

We certainly can't forget the Strucker family, who was there to help out during all of this evacuation craziness.  I know what you're thinking, after what happened with Lauren last week, how is that possible?  Reed finally comes clean to Kate about what's going on with Lauren, himself and the mystery of the music box.  Kate is understandably angry, but this family always seems to find a way to quickly push that aside in order for the greater good.  The serum is slowly leaving Lauren's system, so she is getting better, but also vulnerable now.  That might be a problem, because they are running out of the serum that they need to control two sets of powers.  In another strong moment for Lauren, she decides that she is going to take the risk and stop taking the serum.  She can't sit back and not help people, which is not surprising at all.  The interesting thing happens a bit later, when Reed decides to follow suit and not take the serum either.  In true Strucker fashion, they agree as a family and decide to take the risk.  We have to remember, this could be terminal for Reed, so it will be interesting to see if we go back to that.  Kate makes a confession  of her own, telling Reed about the questionable things that she has done.  Boy does she kick that up a notch in this episode!  In a vehicle packed with evacuees, their escape is blocked by several police cars.  When Lauren's powers won't manifest, Kate pulls out a gun.  She proceeds to shoot their way out and drive through the blockade.  We knew she had it in her, but it was still shocking, wasn't it!?  She talked about being the only non-mutant, but that was pretty powerful.  This time it didn't feel like desperation though, it felt like a power move by Kate.  Is everyone finally getting the confidence that they need to take down the Inner Circle and Purifiers?

The odds certainly seem more against the Mutant Underground than ever, but are we looking at quality of quantity here?  It also seems like the Inner Circle is facing some turmoil of their own, which could lead them to make some mistakes.  Will John be able to push through yet another tragedy?  Will the Triplets now be able to bring Lauren to their side?  Is there any chance left that Jace Turner can turn on the Purifiers?  It's crazy to think that things are almost wrapped up for the season!

What did you think of this week's episode?

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