REVIEW – The Boys: Dear Becky #1

The Boys: Dear Becky #1 - Dynamite Comics

Written by Garth Ennis

Illustrated by Russ Braun

Colors by Tony Avina

Letters by Simon Bowland

Cover By Darick Robertson

Every since The Boys came to screens courtesy of Amazon, their popularity has never been higher.  Putting a stop to the Supes was very binge worthy, and I know I'm not the only one looking forward to a second season.  What if we could look into the future even more?  Dynamite is giving us a chance to fast forward twelve years with The Boys: Dear Becky #1.

A great deal of this story involves Hughie, who has left with Annie to Scotland to get married.  Interestingly enough, that is not the company he is keeping for much of this story.  When he returns home, a mysterious delivery is about to change what he thought was his comfortable life and future.  That alone would have been enough to end the first issue, but you'll get to see even more familiar faces after that.  What they're doing and who their target is, there is definitely some shock value there.  Not as big as the one Hughie will be getting, but still pretty huge.  Could the past be coming back to haunt him?  Who sent him the package in the first place?  Those are certainly the questions that I was left with.

There is certainly plenty to be excited about if you're a long time fan of The Boys.  I don't know if it's quite a "forget what you think you know about the past" kind of revelation, but there is certainly a lot of intrigue for what's to come.  One character in particular (and you'll know which one when you read this issue) either has a lot of explaining to do or has been set up in a big way.  Either way, I'm in, because I'm not sure there is a wrong answer here.  The beginning of this issue does drag on a bit, as I could have easily seen the first half be trimmed down a bit.  There were certainly important moments during that initial conversation involving Hughie, just not enough to keep it going as long as they did.  I admittedly miss Darick Robertson's art in the interiors, but Braun does a fantastic job.  This is especially true of the second half of the issue, where there are more opportunities for things to pop.  Overall, this book definitely has my attention.

RATING:  4/5

(Aside from the beginning dragging on a bit longer than it needed to, it's a good start to add on to the story of The Boys.)