Review – Tet #1

Tet #1 – IDW Publishing
Written by Paul Allor
Art by Paul Tucker
Letters by Paul Allor
The Vietnam is always an uneasy subject.  It’s one of controversy, and in a way, changed our world as we know it.  As we dive into that world, that is exactly what happens to the main character, Eugene.  The narrative is hesitant and emotional, as we travel back to Vietnam in 1968.  In the midst of a war he thinks will be ending, Eugene thinks he may have made a life for himself and his new Vietnamese fiancee (this is how they spell it within the comic.)  Then things take an ugly turn when something happens to Eugene’s friend Chip.
Unfortunately, this is where the book take a bit of a turn.  I was enjoying the hopeful, and yet heartbreaking, narrative that Paul Allor was creating.  When the plot twist happens, it almost comes with a bit of disappointment.  I’m not saying it won’t be interesting going forward, but the story of an American solider in the middle of the Vietnam War during Tet trying to find his way home with a new woman in his life, seemed to spark my interest more.  We even see this twist change Eugene’s character, which definitely made him less likable.
The art by Tucker seems to be appropriate, given the time period and the setting.  Still, it fell a bit short for me.  There was one panel, which was a close-up on Eugene’s fiancee Ha, that was stunning.  The rest seemed, more often than not, emotionless.  I actually got more emotion from the shaky lettering style (yes, that’s a compliment) of the book than the art itself.  If you’re a history buff, or a fan of war stories, this probably isn’t the book for you.  I will say, that if we see a turn back to more of the story about the soldier’s personal story, I would definitely be more interested in this book.  My worry is, that is not the overall direction this will be going.
Rating: DROP