REVIEW – Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1 - Marvel Comics

Written by Ethan Sacks

Art by Paolo Villanelli

Colors by Arif Priantol

Letters by VC's Travis Lanham

Cover by Lee Bermejo

If there's one thing that Star Wars fans have always had a thirst for, story wise, it's bounty hunters.  How many times have you heard fans talk about wanting a Boba Fett movie?  Think about all of the excitement that surrounded The Mandalorian even before Baby Yoda was even revealed.  Now Marvel is hoping that a new comic book series will do the same.  Let's find out more about Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.

The story begins in the past, with a mission involving several bounty hunters in Corellia.  The attack involves Boba Fett, Bossk, Valance and a few others.  Their client is part of a very powerful crime syndicate, but we don't know for sure what it was that he wanted from them.  What we do know is, thanks to another bounty hunter named Nakano Lash, things go horribly wrong.  So wrong in fact, it's something that will get everyone's attention long after the mission is over.  I mean the kind of attention where you drop everything, including a very important delivery that Boba Fett is making, in order to take care of some old business.  The hunter becomes the hunted, but Nakano might not be the only target after all is said and done.

If you're looking for pretty much non-stop action, this book will scratch that itch and then some.  There's fire, blasters and explosions across so many pages of this book, I lost track.  It helps that Villanelli's art is stunning, and the character designs are very well done.  Then you get Prianto's colors that help everything explode off of the page, literally.  Story wise, it's hard to get a grasp on it with all of the craziness going on around it.  The action is great, but it makes it harder to maintain focus on what's actually going on.  I realize that we don't have all of the answers yet, and that's on purpose, but a decision was clearly made by Nakano for a reason.  Until we know that reason, all we know is that a bunch of bounty hunters are all hot on her trail.  If you're a fan of one or all of these bounty hunters already, this likely won't be a problem for you.  If you're just in this for the action, again, no problem.  The first issue doesn't dig very deep, but that doesn't mean there isn't something to find if you grab a shovel.  As long as the second issue goes more into what Nakano actually did and why, then I'll take it.

RATING:  3.5/5

(The action was great, and the art was amazing, but this book need more depth to permanently end up in the buy pile for me.)