REVIEW – Star #1

Star #1 - Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Javier Pina & Filipe Andrade

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by VC's Clayton Cowles

Cover by Carmen Carnero & JEsus Aburtov

There is one thing that all Marvel fans can agree on, Infinity Stones are a big deal.  We've seen what kind of chaos that they can cause, and power that they can wield, on the page and on the screen.  So, what happens when someone has one and doesn't know what to do with it?  Ripley Ryan is in trouble, in over her head and trying to figure it out as she goes.  Let's see how she's doing in her own solo series, Star #1 from Marvel Comics.

If you know the character from the pages of Captain Marvel, then you know what she has.  So if you haven't read Captain Marvel or this book's synopsis, this may be a spoiler.  Ripley has the Reality Stone inside of her chest and that's either a major advantage or a huge problem.  This first issue dives into that dilemma pretty quickly and we get to see how Ripley is dealing with it.  Unfortunately for her, you can't just Google "How to use an Infinity Stone."  She also has some far more normal problems to deal with, until one very particular one finds her.  She moves from confrontation to confrontation until things come to a screeching halt thanks to yet another very powerful Marvel character.  Star has a decision to make, and if the end of the first issue is any indication, she'll be forced to make that decision pretty soon.

First thing you need to know is, this issue features a lot of big name Marvel characters.  Each of them plays a very important start in the story, which is structured extremely well.  This also doesn't feel like throwing in a bunch of notable characters to help carry a book with a lesser known character in the title.  Far from it, because Thompson does such a good job at always keeping the focus on her Star (literally and figuratively.)  One thing is also very clear:  there are no limits.  You could see anyone appear in this book, and that certainly adds to the intrigue.  Normally I am hesitant when it comes to spinoffs, but this character's story is set up so well and has so many interesting layers, Star is really set up for long term success.  Plus she kind of reminds me of a Captain Marvel/Jessica Jones hybrid type character in a lot of ways.  It helps that the art in this book is just stunning, especially when we get that nice pop of color.  Star end up being just what her name says, and a character that we see around for a long time.  Her first solo effort is certainly off to a great start.

RATING:  5/5