Review – Snow Blind #4

Snow Blind #4 – 
Boom! Studios
Written by Ollie Masters
Art by Tyler Jenkins
If you listened to Episode 91 of our podcast, you heard us talk to writer Ollie Masters about this series before it even hit your local shop.  Now we’ve reached the conclusion and it has evolved SO much.  What looked in the first issue to be a commentary on social media wrapped in a family drama, became so much more as the series went along.  So what about the fourth and final chapter?

This may be a bit a spoiler territory here if you haven’t read any issues in the series yet, so tread lightly, but I will not spoil any main plot points of Issue 4.  We know that Teddy and his family have escaped their home to a cabin in the woods, because the man that has been after his dad is still on the loose.  The last issue, Teddy threw that safety out the window and now everyone believes the man is on his way to the cabin to kill his father.  There was a gut wrenching scene in the last issue between Teddy and his dad in the last issue that really carries over well into this one.  I can tell you that you will get closure in this issue, and you will find out what’s really going on with Teddy’s dad (on the off chance you had any lingering doubt left.)  What we haven’t really seen, up to this point, is the mother’s involvement and where she stands on everything that’s going on.  We get that as well, some action mixed in and a great conclusion that may set the stage for a second volume. I have to be a bit vague here, because I really don’t want to spoil anything and even the little things matter.

One thing that drew me back to this series issue after issue was the strong writing by Ollie Masters.  The way he evolved each one of his characters here and allowed them to change over time was brilliant.  Nick and I talk all the time about artists who really give great attention to their pages and it really makes the art pop.  Masters does that with his writing and keeps you engaged throughout.  The scenery set by Tyler Jenkins’ art makes you feel the chill in the air and creates a world where the characters really thrive.  This is one you may have passed by at your local comic shop, and that would be a huge mistake.  You won’t be disappointed with this series, which has been stellar since Issue 1.  I really hope to see a second volume in the future. 


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