Review – Quincredible #1

Quincredible #1 – Roar/Lionforge Comics

Written by Rodney Barnes

Illustrated by Salina Espiritu

Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Whether it’s the real world or the fictional world, the city of New Orleans has been through a lot. It’s certainly no work of fiction to say the spirit of the people continues to shine through any and all adversity. Could super powered individuals help save their city? Let’s see what Quincredible has to offer!

The story centers around a young man named Quin who has an all too familiar story. He doesn’t have many friends and he is just looking for his place in the world. We find out that there is something different about Quin, he has abilities. A fictional tragedy that followed Hurricane Katrina changed his life in two very big ways: it gave him powers and made him want to make a difference in his community. Ok, so there may be another reason he wants to be involved, and it’s again not too uncommon for someone his age. Unfortunately, things go very wrong at a community rally and Quin ends up in a very serious situation. From that, something amazing does happen that could change his life forever…if that’s what he chooses. The choice he makes is the main thing we left with at the end of this story.

First thing I am sure about, Quin is a very relatable and likeable character. If you have ever spent part of your life not sure where you belong, you will really feel for Quin. The art in this book is also very vibrant, which is refreshing for a story that deals with a lot of hopelessness. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot that feels unique about this story. It follows a lot of the same beats as a lot of other similar stories that are popping up recently. It does deal with real life issues that New Orleans, and our nation are dealing with, and that is something that we do need. At the same time, as a reader, I also need a unique take and approach to these stories. I appreciate the awareness to the issues, but I also need to feel like I’m reading a good fictional story to go along with it. There is also a conspiracy theory aspect of the story, that feels like it will have an obvious conclusion. I do like Quin, and I am invested in him, but I hope to get more forward.


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