Review – Plutona #1

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Plutona #1 – Image Comics
Written by Jeff Lemire & Emi Lenox
Art by Emi Lenox
Colors by Jordie Bellair
Letters by Steve Wands
When you’re looking for a story that’s relatable, character driven and real…you turn to Jeff Lemire.  His ability to make you care about his characters never ceases to amaze me, and Plutona is no exception.  In this story we follow a group of students, who I can only assume are in Middle School, as they go about what they think will be a normal day in a world filled with superheroes.  As is often the case, that is about to take a very real and nasty turn.
When the book starts out, and we meet each character, one of the main things that jumps out to me is how busy the parents are in each case.  All kids crave attention from their parents, and each other, but this common bond is what really make these character interactions work and shape each one of them.  Ray comes from a more abusive household, which clearly makes him the jerk of the group.  Mie is your typical annoyed older sister, forced to look after her brother.  Then there’s Teddy, who seems to be the dreamer of the group.
As you read through this book, each one of these kids brings something to the table.  The art by Emi Lenox is the perfect pair, and really helps drive the story without a single word on the page.  Superheroes are the celebrities here, which is a tone we have seen before in some movies and/or books.  What makes this different is the shocking first few panels and the conclusion that follows.  This book is NOT what you will expect, and that is a good thing.  Lemire continues to be one of the most consistent writers in the business, and Lenox clearly shows the potential to be a huge star going forward.  Where do we go from here?  You’ll want to find out.