REVIEW – No One Left To Fight #1

No One Left To Fight #1 - Dark Horse Comics

Written by Aubrey Sitterson
Art & Colors by Fico Ossio
Letters by Taylor Esposito
What is the comic that you always wanted?  Maybe it's some sort of Amalgam mash-up of your dreams?  Could it be a TV series that wasn't saved, but you want the story to continue?  What if a book told you right on the cover that it's the comic that you always wanted?  Just look at the cover for No One Left To Fight, it's right there.  Aubrey Sitterson returns with, what I hope to be, one of the most unique stories to hit comic book shelves in some time.  Let's see if that cover claim lives up to it's claim.
Since this book doesn't come out until July 3rd, there will be no spoilers here.  We follow a hero named Vâle who saved the world from some sort of massive evil.  Just like the title of the book suggests, what else is there now?  He goes to see a group of equally super friend/colleagues and one that just might be something a bit more to Vâle.  Not everyone is happy to see him, but it really is interesting how pedestrian this first issue is.  That is far from a slight, and much more of a compliment.  We get to see how the lives of different heroes can take different paths.  Not only that, but something else is going on with Vâle that is very random and could be a problem going forward.  Tensions start to rise a bit at the end of this first issue, and even though it seems petty, it's also a bit understandable.  Something that should have been innocent quickly escalates, and we are left to wonder if things will be taken too far.
Before I get to the story itself, I have to say this again, Fico Ossio might be the best artist in comics.  The attention to detail is so prominent in all of his books, and there are a lot of elements to this first issue.  There are no wasted panels, no lack of detail on the wider shot panels, everything is crisp and vivid throughout.  Fico also does the colors as well, which play a major eye catching role in the final few pages.  As far as the story goes, I will say that this isn't the start that I expected.  What we get to see is how quickly things can go from super to extremely normal.  We also have typical human emotions like jealousy, denial and even a bit of guilt all at play here at the same time.  There are still plenty of elements that make this a hero story, but the question of having no one left to fight really takes on a new definition in this book.  This was a worthy first issue, and it's really good to have Aubrey Sitterson back and making great comics again.  The description from Dark Horse said there was a bit of a Dragon Ball influence here, but I actually feel a bit of Street Fighter in there as well (mainly in the action sequences, or action adjacent.)  My biggest takeaway is, the book felt real to me.  When you're super, feeling real takes on a whole different meaning and I already how much they have tapped into that.  Order this now and dont let it pass you by.