Review – Midnight Society: The Black Lake #2

Midnight Society: The Black Lake #2
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Drew Edward Johnson
Art by Drew Edward Johnson
Colors by Lizzy John
Letters by Steve Dutro

The mystery at Loch Ness continues!  If you didn’t read Issue 1 of this series, you’ll definitely want to back track before trying to jump in to the second issue.  The story really centers around Secret Agent Matilda Finn, joined by Submarine Diver Billy Wetherell and the search for a lost research team that went looking for the infamous Loch Ness Monster.  Drew Edward Johnson really does well letting his words drive the story in one moment, and his art take control in the next.  It’s this back and forth that really draws you in as the story goes on.

I cannot stress the word “Secret” enough when it comes to Matilda.  We get a SMALL sense of her past and her motivations in this issue, but all it does is let you know there are more questions that will have to be answered later on in the series.  Right away, you can tell she is “different” and you’ll know why in the first few panels.  Both Matilda and Billy really question each of their motives for being on the mission, but it turns out one of them definitely has more reason to be suspicious.

As you read you know this book is building towards something big, and boy does it deliver!  For me, this was almost like watching the final act of the original Jaws…only this is far from over.  It does drag a bit in the early going, but the payoff was well worth the wait.  The colors by Steve Dutro really help set off Drew Edward Johnson’s art, making you feel like you’re in a very dark and dangerous place throughout.  Combining mystery, science and suspense so well, I think Dark Horse has found a winner with this creator owned project.

Rating: PULL