REVIEW – Marvel’s What If? – ‘What If… Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?’

When it was first announced, along with several other series, Marvel's What If? really stood out for me.  I remember enjoy those comics, and wondering if I would ever see them play out on screen someday.  Of course, that was before we all knew that Marvel Studios would exist and have 10 years of successful movies.

Now, this first ever animated series from Marvel Studios feels like a fun and fresh adventure for the characters that we know and love.  It felt like there we no limits from the very start.  You can hear my spoiler filled review of the first episode, What If... Captain Carter Were The First Avenger on Episode 380 of our podcast.  Just click play on the player below to go right to the review:

You can also hear some note from the press conference for Marvel's What If? that I attended prior to the release of the series.  I even tease ahead a little bit at what's to come in this second episode.  You can see that and more every Wednesday when Marvel's What If? airs on Disney+

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios