REVIEW – Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2 Episode 5 – “Alignment Chart”


From the darkness there can be light. What might have seemed like a huge mistake, might actually work out for the best. So who finds what they are looking for first? Let’s find out who finds their path in “Alignment Chart”.

We jump right into the aftermath of Connors being freed from the Darkforce. Tyrone is upset with Tandy at first, but really he’s just projecting. So while Tandy goes to deal with her mom, and her own investigation, Tyrone decides to use another symbol to guide him to Connors.

While all of this is going on, we see Connors getting some very curious items. We see a gun, a hacksaw and you have to wonder if Connors may be coming back to the church for Tyrone. So when Tryone appears in front of him, and Connors has him at gunpoint, things are not looking good. That’s when Connors tells Tyrone he wants to help clear his name, he drops the gun and says it is the one that killed his brother. The saw was also evidence, but he said it wouldn’t be enough. Tyrone doesn’t believe him, and why would he? Connors talks about how the Darkforce changed him. So Tyrone takes him to someone that he can trust.

Tyrone brings Connors to the Redhawks and his father. Dad wants to kill Connors immediately, but Tyrone wants him to hear Connors out. Connors says the key is to go after the uncle that helped him walk for Billy’s murder. He has evidence, but Tyrone would need to get it. Good thing he knows a thief, right?

Before we get to Tandy’s part in all of this, she is still trying to track down those missing girls. After hitting a few dead ends, she believes that the woman runs the support group she goes to may know something and might be able to help. So she tries to bond with Lia over a shared tragedy. So she uses Tyrone, without his knowledge, to play the role of her abusive boyfriend while Lia observes. Tyrone figures out very quickly that something is wrong, so Tandy admits it. It’s another classic case of one of them not asking the other for help, and them getting upset at each other for it. Old habits die hard, I suppose. So again, they have to walk their journey alone.

So for Tyrone, that means going after the uncle. He gets what he needs rather easy, but now he is going for the file that Connors said he would need. When it’s not there, Tyrone loses it. He returns with every intention on killing Connors himself, but is stopped by a vision. So now Tyrone turns to the person he always goes to when he needs to center himself, his mom. The restraint that Tyrone shows here is incredible. It’s also a lesson in doing the right thing, no matter how difficult that might be. Clearly he has faith that this will all work out the way it’s supposed to.

Tandy didn’t have as much luck. Lia tells her about a boyfriend who pretty much used to pimp her our when it was convenient for him. This obviously lights a fire in Tandy to track down this boyfriend, because he might have information and now for this. Turns out he wasn’t alone, but Tandy ends up handling herself pretty well. Punches the guy out and gets out of there. She ends up running in to Lia outside, who was concerned that she might do something she shouldn’t. Just as Tandy is telling Lia what she knows, Lia tases her and an ambulance pulls up. Then the shocking reveal, Lia is responsible for the missing girls and now she has Tandy.

This was a pretty good twist, and I will admit that I did not see it coming. This time Tandy’s temper has really gotten her into some trouble. With Tyrone busy with Connors, it also makes me wonder if Tandy really is on her own this time. At the same time, they always seem to be there when one needs the other. We also see Brigid still struggling with the ability to do her job, even without Mayhem. I have to say, even though this story is good, I do miss Mayhem and I hope they find a way to work her back in, Brigid does help Tyrone at one point, but it’s not enough for her. There are a lot of personal issues at play here for a lot of these characters. That is really keeping me invested in this season, despite the frustration that I have with Tyrone and Tandy continually failing to realize how much they need to help one another. Good news is, that is a very minor criticism given how good everything else has been. So, let’s go save Tandy next week!

Photo Credit: Freeform. (Marvel/Patti Perret)