REVIEW – Lucifer Season 4 Episode 1 (SPOILER FREE)

The wait has been hell, but it’s FINALLY over! Lucifer is finally ready to debut on his new home on Netflix. Normally I would say the pressure is on after such a successful social media campaign by Lucifans. On the contrary, I think all that did was put even more of a fire inside everyone involved with the show to deliver even more to their fans. So what I want to do is give you an idea of what you can expect, at least from the first episode. I’ve also decided not to spoil anything until Episode 264 of our podcast comes out on Friday, May 10th. So, here we go.

First thing’s first, nothing feels different and that’s a good thing. You’ll get that familiar opening theme song that we all love. The characters feel like they are right at home, and are exactly as you remember them. I say that meaning how they are portrayed by the cast. That’s not to say that the characters themselves haven’t changed. After everything they went through last season, there’s no way that they could be the same.

First thing I can tell you, without spoiling anything, is that you will find out what’s going on with Chloe and Lucifer in this first episode. The questions that you have about Lucifer’s devil face returning, how Chloe feels about it, how Lucifer is dealing with it…that will all be addressed right away. That doesn’t mean completely resolved, but certainly addressed. We will also find out how things are between Maze and Trixie, but I won’t tell you the end result. Don’t forget we also have Dan dealing with Charlotte’s death and Amenadiel getting his wings back to fly her up to heaven. Yes, we get to find out what’s going on there as well.

As far as what I loved about the first episode, there was plenty. This is another stellar performance from Tom Ellis. The way he shows Lucifer’s range of emotions with such ease is uncanny. We also see him seeking advice from Dr. Linda again, and it’s always great to see those two sharing scenes together. While Tom is amazing, he is certainly not the only one who stands out.

One of my favorite scenes in the episode is a moment that is shared by Amenadiel and Dan. Remember they started to bond a bit last season, and it really shows. There is something different about Amenadiel too, and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with an important realization that he has about himself. DB Woodside seems to always elevate every scene he is in, and I can’t wait to see where things go with him this season.

To answer your other question, yes Lucifer will still work cases and balance it’s main storyline. The case that they work in this first episode is classic Lucifer, and has a nice twist in it as well. Everyone gets to do what they do best, and that will make Lucifans feel right at home.

That’s exactly how I felt about this first episode. It felt like Netflix has been their home all along, and they are just continuing with their story. We do get a reminder that this is Netflix and not network TV, but I won’t spoil that reveal for you. It might just be my imagination, but the show seems to look better as well. Everything just pops more visually than it did before, and I’m curious to see if anyone else feels the same way. This episode also does a good job at dropping subtle reminders about what happened last season for fans that might not remember a detail here and there. Diehard fans will have no trouble, but new fans will actually find this season surprisingly easy to pick up on early.

I was already super hyped for the return of Lucifer, and they justified that hype big time after only one episode. The hook at the end alone gives you that binge watching itch. This episode was crafted so well, and will definitely make you remember why you loved Lucifer in the first place. I think Lucifans will be more than satisfied with this first offering. Remember, look for our SPOILER FILLED review later on this week.

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