Review – GI Joe: Cobra World Order Prelude

GI Joe: Cobra World Order Prelude
IDW Publishing
Written by Larry Hama
Art by S L Gallant
Inks by Brian Shearer
Colors by J. Brown
Letters by Shawn Lee
Welcome to the world of G.I. Joe!  Wait…aren’t we over 200 issues in?  In this Cobra World Order Prelude from IDW, you get a grand tour of the new Joe base and somewhat of a recap of what’s been going on.  This is not a reboot, but certainly feels like an issue that familiarizes readers with the world of the Joes and Cobra from the characters to the plotlines.  In case you’re wondering, yes there is a reason for it.
A new Senator has been named to the oversight committee, and has brought her assistant along to inspect the new Pit.  Not surprising, there is something very suspicious about one of the visitors that prompts action from the team.  The word “action” is used loosely, but the clever nature of the rouse makes you appreciate it.  Duke may be good at pulling the wool over the eyes of the enemy, but should probably save the jokes for those more qualified.
This is definitely an issue where a new reader could jump in and be ready for the Cobra World Order arc when it starts.  Much like the Joes themselves, I like that IDW has kept the team of Hama and Gallant together going forward with this new arc.  The art is very consistently good, and the dialogue written for each character definitely captures what made the original animated series great.  Being a prelude, it’s hard to get a grasp on where the story is going from here or what to expect going forward.  There is a hint at possible relationships between several different terror groups, but nothing too definitive.  Even though the title is Cobra World Order, something tells me they won’t be the only focal point of the arc going forward.  If you have enjoyed the G.I. Joe comics up until this point, you’ll definitely be keeping this in your pull.  If you’re a new reader, this may be the issue where you can jump in and give the series a shot.
RATING: Pick Up 

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