REVIEW – Faithless #2

Faithless #2 – Boom! Studios

Written by Brian Azzarello

Art by Maria Llovet

Cover by Paul Pope

Every now and then, I read the first issue of a comic and I’m not quite sure how to put my finger on it. You might have heard my review of Faithless #1 from Boom! Studios on Episode 260 of our podcast. I was intrigued, but not quite sure where the story might be going. Is there a bit more clarity now? Let’s talk about Issue 2.

There will be some spoilers for Issue 1 ahead, so be ready for that. After a wild night with Poppy, Faith wakes up to an empty apartment. She sees something at that point, or does she? What she does find is an invitation to a party that Poppy told her about when they met. It shouldn’t be much of a spoiler that she goes to this party. What happens after that is not exactly normal. It’s almost like a more sexually charged Twin Peaks kind of abnormal. She runs into quite a few interesting people. She has a very scary/awkward confrontation with one of them. Remember that person, you will find out who they are later in the issue. Trust me, you’ll know who I mean when you get there. On their way out of the party, Faith and Poppy have a very unpleasant encounter. What happens next is quite unexpected, and even harder to explain. Let’s just say that there is something about Faith and Poppy together that brings about unexplainable events.

The strongest part of this book has to be the incredible visuals from Marie Llovet. This story can’t come to life without her ability to drive the story forward. There are panels that will immediately draw your attention, and not just because they can be quite erotic. I still can’t completely figure out this story though. I know there is SOMETHING about Faith, but I can’t quite tell what it is or where is comes from. Is that the beauty of this story or the most frustrating thing about it? I guess that is a matter of perspective. This is a five issue series right now, and it did add a bit of intrigue to the story, but I am going to need something a bit more definitive. To me, Issue 3 is going to make or break this series. Azzarello has all the makings of an erotic, supernatural winner here. I just need to know what all of these ingredients are making here very soon.


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