Review – Eternity Girl #1

Eternity Girl #1 – 
DC’s Young Animal
Written by Magdalene Vissagio
Art by Sonny Liew
Colors by Chris Chuckry

No matter who you are, you probably have some sort of stress in your life.  It could be something trivial like not having any clean shirts for work tomorrow or as stressful as losing your job all together.  Now imagine all of that stress, combined with trying to figure out who you really are.  It’s time to take a look at the life Eternity Girl from Young Animal.
The story follows a woman named Caroline (or does it), who is/was a hero who has lost her job with her team and is no longer saving the world.  We also find out a lot about her past, how much she has done with her life and what led her to be in this position in the first place.  It’s quite difficult, and I certainly don’t want to give away any details, but the stress and anxiety level is front and center in this story.  We really see a woman dealing with depression and an identity crisis on a superhuman level.  On top of all of that, towards the end of this book, something from her past comes up and really provides an interesting plot twist.  This leads her to a decision, that she seems to make quite quickly, but only time will tell if she ends up sticking to what she believes is the right solution.
If you have ever suffered from anxiety, depression and/or an identity crisis, this book will definitely hit home with you.  I know that Caroline has a superhero name and persona, but to me, this felt like a very personal story.  She wants to be called by her name, so I feel like I have to honor that even in this review.  When I was reading this story, I just wanted everything to be ok for her.  I love what Vissagio does near the end, and the character she brings in, because it then leads the reader to a conflict.  Do you continue to root for the main character or not, given the end game?  This is a push and pull that I really hope continues.  I will also say, I have never loved Sonny Liew’s artwork better than in this book.  The funky vibe brought to each page just suits the story so well, along with the vibrant colors that just round out every emotion.  THIS is the kind of story I have been waiting for from the Young Animal imprint since the beginning.  Not only is this their best story to date, I’m really hoping this is used as an example of where to go with the imprint in the future.  

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