Review – Dept. H

Dept. H – 
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Matt Kindt
Art by Matt Kindt
Colors by  Sharlene Kindt
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Marine Biologist.  Something about the deep ocean, and what lived within it, intrigued me.  So natrually, I felt like I was drawn to this new Dark Horse series.  Then you see Matt Kindt’s name attached, and it’s something that simply cannot be ignored.  So let’s dive in to this story of an underwater research center.
The story follows Mia, who has been sent by a government agency to investigate a murder at a research facility miles below the ocean.  The victim, who’s identity I won’t spoil, definitely adds to Mia’s motivation to get to the bottom of this (yes, I went there.)  The faces are familiar, but now they are all suspects and there is an overall uneasiness throughout each page of this story.  You also get the impression that, either no one cares, or they’re just plain uninterested in the fact that there was a murder at all.  The more and more you get into the story, the more challenges pop up in the investigation.  The final page definitely gives the reader a nice conclusion and almost “whodunnit” guide that moves you into the next issue.
One thing I did enjoy is the tech that Kindt created in this story.  From the suits, the vessels and the facility itself, very cool for anyone who enjoys undersea stories.  I also like the way the book itself was structured.  It almost felt like I was looking at a journal and not a typical comic book page.  There was even some art in between panels, so really pay attention.  Speaking of the art…it’s not the best.  Kindt is a great writer, but the art is fairly inconsistent and honestly made my eyes wander a way a bit at times.  I also thought there may have been a bit too much ground work, and I found myself wanting Mia to just get in the water already.  Kindt did do a good job of letting you know who each character is and the role they play.  There is intrigue, and no clear answer to who the murderer is, but not as much as I was hoping for.  Still, it’s worth another issue to see where this is going.

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