Review – Cover #1

Cover #1 - Jinxworld

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by David Mack

Colors by David Mack & Zu Orzu

As a comic book fan, I really hope that you've already been able to make it to a convention or two.  There is really no experience like it for fellow nerds.  You get to see all of the things that you love and meet some very interesting people.  Sometimes, the conversations that you can hear between fans and those in artist alley are worth the price of admission alone.  Jinxworld is taking that inside con experience and telling their own story in a very unique way.  Let's see what Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack have to offer with Cover #1.

The story follows an artist named Max Field, who is at a con doing his regular thing.  That's when he comes across a very eager fan and is about to have a very unexpectedly good day.  Little did he know at the time, that was just the beginning.  We get to see him on the con circuit more, but this time he finds himself in a much more up close and personal situation.  After a very interesting conversation it appears that his luck may have run out, until he finds himself on his way to a very unique opportunity at yet another con.  Once he arrives, he has quite a surprise waiting for him and that is where it feels like the story is about to begin.

What I really enjoyed about this book was how much it felt like we were following a working comic book artist.  You get to see him interact at a con, see a little bit about his family life and even chatting with his fellow creators.  Then you have the story aspect, which really isn't all that predictable unless you go out of your way to read the description of the book online.  If you allow yourself to go into this story cold, you will definitely enjoy it more.  There are still a couple of interesting twists no matter how much info that you have, but having none would be better.  That's why I was so vague in my spoiler free rundown above, I want you to go into this book the same way I did.  What I can tell you is how unique the art is.  Mack gives this book a wonderful watercolor look, and really uses colors well to draw your attention to certain scenes and panels.  The art inside the art also really makes me want to see more of Ninja Sword Odyssey.  This whole first issue is definitely a setup for a larger story, but I think Bendis has done enough to hook the reader here.  Each new Jinxworld creation has had a different feel, and this one feels very true to life, but with one foot outside of the box.  At the time time, I do hope that the story gets turned up a bit more in the second issue, as I feel like we have enough to go on at this point.  If this next book hits the gas a bit more, then I will definitely be along for the ride.


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