Review – Batman & Robin Eternal #1

Batman & Robin Eternal #1
DC Comics 
Story by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV
Script by James Tynion IV
Pencils by Tony Daniel
Inks by Sandu Florea
Colors by Tomeu Morey
Letters by Tom Napolitano
No way that just happened!  That’s what I kept saying as I read Batman & Robin Eternal #1.  Right in the first few pages, you understand why they added Robin to this second Eternal story.  Every Robin (aside from Carrie Kelly for obvious reasons) was seen or referenced in this first issue.  Dick Grayson is featured prominently, and it looks like he will be the main focus of this series right now.  Yes, this does follow the current DC Comics continuity from Grayson, the main Batman run and so on.   Fans of  characters like Bluebird and the new Batman will not be disappointed either.  Bruce Wayne, however, still has a major part in this debut issue.
One of the things I loved about this were the flashbacks to when Dick was Robin, but little did I know, those flashbacks would serve a purpose going forward.  It’s so hard to give you a plot without giving any spoilers.  Let’s just say we have a new villain, everyone is going to be involved and something UNTHINKABLE has happened.  It’s another daring trip into the Batman mythology by Scott Snyder, and having James Tynion IV riding shotgun makes it a wild ride I can’t wait to take.
The art, top to bottom, is very consistent.  The last panel if this comic is something that EVERYONE will be talking about.  Tony Daniel, and many others I’m sure, will be doing commissions on this for a LONG time.  That panel, along with the story leading up to it, is a huge game changer.  In the beginning of the issue you may think, “They’re really doing this again?”  I promise you, by the end, you will be saying, “I can’t believe that just happened!”  I cannot buy this series fast enough.

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