REVIEW – Batgirl #43

Batgirl #43 - DC Comics

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Cian Tormey

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Andworld Design

Cover by Carmine DiGiandomenico & Steve Buccellato

Chances are, you've felt this a time or two in  your life.  That desire to be immersed in a world that you read about in a book, comic or other story.  I'm not just talking about seeing it at a theme park, I mean really being there.  Problem is, sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.  Barbara Gordon is about to come face to face with someone who has a very dangerous plan, but it's all for love.  Let's take a look at Batgirl #43.

This starts off a brand new arc, where Barbara is able to fight off some evil creatures but ends up getting hooked on a book she finds nearby.  That book is kind of where this story takes an interesting turn, and sort of parallels with Barbara's life (in a way.)  While Barbara seems to be avoiding her love life completely, someone else is diving in head first with theirs and it could mean big problems for Gotham.  Love is a powerful emotion, but it's also creating some interesting powers for one of the characters in this book.  Barbara doesn't really have time to reflect the metaphor on her own life, because someone she cares about is in danger.  Now, as the story changes in real time, she must help fight one of her most fierce foes yet.

I have to say, the premise of this story is certainly interesting.  Mixing the real world and the fantasy world is certainly something that's been done, but the angle is a bit different here.  Plus we have characters, not of Earth, who clearly have different intentions.  I can't help but feel like this could all blow up very easily.  The problem is, the two aspects of this story don't really go as well together as I had hoped.  Babs was fine, and felt authentic, but it was the antagonists that felt a bit off.  They're not really of this world, I get it, but this felt like the part of the movie that you fast forward to in order to get to the good part.  Even the final couple of pages, where you have a predicable reveal but killer art, feels somewhat forced and revealed too soon.  Even the art in this book doesn't get a lot of chances to shine, as a lot of the pages are not written for success in that regard.  When given one of those rare opportunities, however, Tormey really does a great job at making sure it has impact.  Everything is very clean, but too pedestrian at times and forced in others.  I'm really hope that this arc can pick up in it's next part.

RATING:  2.5/5

It didn't catch my attention, but there is a chance this could be suited for a different audience.  I just wouldn't put this one in your pull box just yet, if I were you.